MSDS and Specifications

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Green Blaster strives to provide products that are safe, environmentally sound and effective. We encourage all of our customers to know and understand our products and how to use them when making their individual purchase decisions as we believe informed customers are good customers. As part of this process and to promote safe handling, each customer should: (1) notify its employees, agents, contractors and others whom it knows or believes will use this material or the information in this MSDS and any other information regarding hazards or safety; (2) furnish this same information to each of its customers for or users of the product, and (3) request its customers to notify their employees, customers and other users of this product information.

The information contained in the files and statements below is based upon data available to us and reflects our best professional judgment. No warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of such information or the results obtained from the use thereof and we assume no legal responsibility whatsoever for any damage resulting for reliance upon this information since it is being furnished on the condition that the person receiving it shall make his or her own determination of the suitability of the material described for a particular application, usage or situation. Green Blaster urges each customer or recipient of this information to study it carefully to become aware of and understand the hazards associated with the product. If necessary, the reader should consider consulting reference works or individuals that are experts in ventilation, toxicology and fire prevention as necessary or appropriate to use and understand the data contained in this MSDS.